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Welcome Scottrade Clients

We’re delighted you’ll be joining us, and look forward to continuing to support your financial goals.

Your Transition Hub

Your Transition Hub

Have a look around and you’ll find the latest information on the upcoming transition as TD Ameritrade and Scottrade come together. Please save this page and visit regularly for updates.

Top things to know right now

  • It’s business as usual for all our clients.
  • There’s nothing you need to do differently.
  • Your relationship, commissions and services remain unchanged at this time.
  • Continue to invest, trade and manage your money with Scottrade just as you always have.
  • You’ll be notified well in advance of any changes to come.

What it will mean to be a TD Ameritrade client.

For more than 40 years, TD Ameritrade has been committed to forging new ground. We continue to look towards the future of innovation and technology, to identify opportunities that could help investors of all types to thrive. Everything we offer — from industry-leading service, to award-winning trading tools and extensive educational resources — has been built around our clients.

Scottrade has an equally strong passion and a proven track record for delivering an exceptional client experience – with a client-first focus. Over the coming months, we’ll be integrating Scottrade clients into our award-winning experience. And we’ll continue to dedicate ourselves to providing you with the support, access, and education you need. So you can take control of your investing and pursue your financial goals on your own terms.

You probably have a few questions.
Here are some answers.

What's happening right now?

On DATE, 2017, TD Ameritrade Holding Corporation’s purchase of Scottrade Financial Services, Inc. was completed. TD Ameritrade and Scottrade will continue to operate as two broker/dealers until all Scottrade client accounts are converted to TD Ameritrade which will likely happen in early 2018. Until this time, it is business as usual for our clients

What can I expect during the transition ahead?

Scottrade is well known for outstanding client care – a credit to the culture that Founder Rodger Riney and thousands of Scottrade employees have built over the last 35 years. It’s on us now to continue that tradition. We’re 100 percent focused on making this a smooth transition, paying special attention to the service you receive today – and making plans to enhance it further in the future.

Will I be kept up-to-date with the progress of the transition?

Yes, absolutely. We’ll keep you informed every step of the way. To ensure you get information as quickly as possible, please be sure your email address is up-to-date and you’re subscribed to receive updates. To update contact information, login to your Scottrade account and navigate to My Account / My Information & Preferences / Contact Information.

Will my account become a TD Ameritrade account? When will this take place?

Yes, as part of the transition, Scottrade accounts will become TD Ameritrade accounts. We expect the transition of client accounts to be completed sometime between January and March 2018.

When do you expect to have more information about any changes to my account?

No changes will be made to any accounts until accounts convert to TD Ameritrade. You can expect to receive additional communications from TD Ameritrade about key milestones in the transition and well in advance of any changes that may occur as a result of the integration efforts. Rest assured that Scottrade, TD Ameritrade and TD Bank will be working closely together to ensure our clients’ accounts transitions are smooth and simple.

Should I continue to use my current account until the transition is completed in early 2018?

Yes, we’ll continue to operate as separate broker/dealers so please continue to use your Scottrade account just as you always have, with your same online platform, same User ID and same password.

How will I benefit when my account converts to TD Ameritrade?

You can look forward to a richer investing and education experience, including:

  • Award-winning trading platforms and mobile trading apps
  • More diverse trading products, like complex options, futures and foreign exchange (for qualified clients)
  • More investment guidance and advice, like free goal planning services, access to a “robo” advisory service and managed portfolios*
  • Deeper investor education offerings, including webcasts, classroom learning, simulated trading and 1:1 coaching

What are your plans for pricing or trade commissions?

As always, our goal is to deliver great value to all of our clients. Right now, that means no changes to low commission rates. Clients will continue to benefit from our $6.95 base commission rate.

Can Scottrade clients transfer accounts to TD Ameritrade in advance of the transition in early 2018?

Yes, but Scottrade and TD Ameritrade will remain two separate broker/dealers until the transition takes place. By remaining at Scottrade until the integration has been finalized, you can avoid the inconvenience of transferring and let TD Ameritrade take care of all the details when the time comes.

What if I have accounts at both TD Ameritrade and Scottrade?

Until Scottrade accounts transition between January and March 2018, continue to use each of your accounts just as you do today. Scottrade and TD Ameritrade will continue to serve you individually.

What's in this for TD Ameritrade clients?

TD Ameritrade clients shouldn’t see any service changes. They will, however, benefit from the expansion of our geographic footprint. More branches mean more access to in-person service and support like education, goal planning and investment guidance – all of which are growing increasingly popular among retail investors.

Can I go into any TD Ameritrade branch and service my Scottrade account?

Not at this time. TD Ameritrade and Scottrade will continue to operate as separate broker/dealers until the transition of accounts is complete—sometime between January and March 2018.

Until that time, Scottrade branches will only be able to support Scottrade clients, and TD Ameritrade branches will only be able to support TD Ameritrade clients. We’ll let you know when TD Ameritrade branches are available to Scottrade clients.

Will all Scottrade branches remain open?

We’re committed to maintaining an extensive branch network with hundreds of locations. As we move forward, we’ll be evaluating all our locations. Some Scottrade and TD Ameritrade locations may be combined if they’re close to each other. Decisions about specific branch closures or mergers with nearby TD Ameritrade branches will be announced this summer. In each case, our plan is to communicate with impacted clients first. We will share information more broadly as appropriate.

Will I continue to work with the same Investment Consultant as I do now?

We plan to retain a significant portion of Scottrade’s locations and Investment Consultants. We intend to be both a high-tech and high-touch company, and a vast branch network gives our clients more opportunities to decide how and when they want to interact with us.

What type of platforms, products, and applications does TD Ameritrade have?

TD Ameritrade has a multitude of platforms, products and applications to accommodate clients every step of the way in their investing and trading journey. We’ll provide additional information, education and resources as our transition progresses.

Can you tell me more about TD Ameritrade?

Like Scottrade, TD Ameritrade has a long history and commitment to serving individual investors going back to 1975.  For more information about our company, our corporate values and our client offerings,

Will anything change with my Scottrade brokerage, Scottrade Bank, Scottrade Investment Management or ScottradePRO accounts?

This announcement will not impact your accounts in the immediate future. Until all accounts are converted to TD Ameritrade, we’ll operating as separate broker/dealers. That means, you will have the same account, with the access to the same platforms you now do.

I have a Scottrade Bank account – what will happen to my account?

Right now, your account remains unchanged. Eventually, your account will transition to TD Bank and continue to be linked to your brokerage account. Click here [link to Bank page on Microsite] for more information about how the transition will work for Scottrade Bank accounts.

Will anything change with my ability to access ScottradeELITE, the Scottrade Mobile App or other Scottrade platforms and tools?

No. You will continue to have access to all of the same Scottrade platforms and tools during this period. As we near the completion of converting Scottrade accounts to TD Ameritrade, you will be kept informed of any changes.

If I am in the process of transferring my account to Scottrade, does this announcement impact me?

No, it will not impact the transfer of your account to Scottrade. We will still be opening new accounts and accepting incoming transfers, helping our clients just as we always have.

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